How To Be Opportunity-Ready

Whether you’re working, at uni, or doing a bit of both (or neither), there’s no harm in being opportunity-ready. In fact, being prepared can make the difference between a near-miss or lifting your game and getting that job or new contact. Here are our four tips to be as opportunity-ready as you can.

Keep your resume updated
Even if you’re not really looking, go back every couple of months and re-read your resume. Touch up things you think can be worded better, and add in new skills and experiences. Nothing to add? The regular checkup might give you that boost you need to go out and learn some new skills and brush up on your old ones.

This includes LinkedIn too – having a standout profile can be the thing that sticks in your future employers mind. Leave a good first impression and you’ll have more chances of making a second.

Business cards
You never know when you’ll meet someone in your field. That person at the bar? What if they’re in your business – and looking to hire? Even if they’re not, having a couple of cards ready in your wallet could turn that fleeting moment into expanding your network.

To really up your game, check out a snazzy card maker like MOO, or even consider using a novelty or unusual style of card. In a casual setting, memorable first impressions are key!

Put yourself in the right spaces
This one is a bit trickier, but there is some skill to it. Attend conferences, go to those after-panel drinks, get yourself into the spaces that the people you want to meet will be in. There’s no magic way to force genuine connections, and a bit of luck is involved, but if you constantly give yourself the best chances, things might just fall into place.

Say ‘Yes!’ to more things
It’s as simple as this: if you’re not there, it’s not going to happen. If you don’t strike up that conversation, they’ll never know you’re the perfect candidate for the position they’re creating. Not just in a career-sense too, this applies to everything you do. If you’re a go-getter in your personal life, your charisma and ambition will tick boxes in your future boss’ mind.

Just a word of caution, don’t blindly say yes to everything. There will be times when the right thing to do is to politely decline and get out of that conversation, pronto.

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