Jordan Hill

Home. For many people home is somewhere where they have grown up their whole life. It means being around those with familiar faces, a place where they know everything inside and out, being surrounded by their favorite foods and smells. But most importantly, home is somewhere where one can feel happy and be comfortable with themselves. Many of us are fortunate enough to be part of a home without realizing how challenging it may be for others. Some may take it for granted, but for many it’s a luxury that may be too good to be true. There are at times where the home you are part of is not necessarily the right home for you. In such cases, an important decision needs to be made in order to fulfill that dream – the decision to pack up and move away.

Meet Jordan Hill, a 25-year-old Melbourne based Australian. I sat down with Jordan a few days ago to discuss this next chapter in his life, and how he came to this point of pursuing his new dream of starting a new life. Jordan is one of three children, and was born in Sydney into a Jewish-Australian family. They have been fortunate enough to live around different parts of the world such as Sydney and London for some time prior to settling down in Melbourne. Once settling into their Hawthorn-based home, Jordan and his siblings attended private Jewish high schools, and upon completion, he attended university.

Growing up, the Hill family incorporated a variety of cultural influences within their home. This helped shape Jordan’s passion of languages, allowing him to complete his Bachelor’s degree majoring in Linguistics, with a minor in Spanish. Jordan has studied (and is capable of communicating in) Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Japanese – just to name a few. What captivated me about Jordan was that he is a very practical and efficient person. He finds ways to make or get things done rather than just walking down to the shop and getting others to do his work. Essentials such as kombucha, kim-chi, and sauerkraut are examples of what he makes from scratch at his own home, as well as being able to sew and knit hats and scarves.

So, when I found out that he was working for a multi-million dollar international furnisher company, I began wondering how it all fit in with his persona. He revealed to me that he found it challenging at times and that nearly every month he felt a bit of a self-crisis arise knowing that he was challenging his morals; as he did not completely agree with the mass production of products that were being sold. However, he knew that while he was employed he was simply treating his time there as work and that it wouldn’t be his full time job forever. He soon realised that the longer he worked for his employer, the stronger his passion formed on how he wanted to live his life – a life away from mass consumption and capitalism.

There was an inner calling for a new home and lifestyle, and this is what he was experiencing. Although at first he didn’t take it too seriously, he later discovered and came to terms with what he really wanted for himself. “I’d joke and say ‘Oh you know, I just want to be in like, you know, like a wooden hut in the forests of Finland”. That joke eventually became his goal, and he soon found himself in a bit of a dilemma. The life he wanted – a more rustic, holistic lifestyle away from a capitalist society – was very difficult to find here in Australia. He would need to move away and fend for himself in a completely new, different country.

“Australia as a modern Western-Anglo economy-type country, there’s really not a whole lot of avenues here to live the way I want to live”. After weeks of debating with himself and much self reflection, the big decision was made. Jordan was moving to Israel.

He discovered that his own well-being and his own happiness is what was really important in life. And in order to be happy, he needs to chase his dream to live in a way that would be beneficial and rewarding to him. Creating his new home will be the new chapter of his life. The hardest part in following any dream in life is making the choice to pursue it. For Jordan, it took a lot of self reflection and a serious look at what he valued. Being Jewish also worked in his favor, as this opportunity of moving back to the homeland and living this form of lifestyle is only offered to the Jewish community around the world.

The choice in perusing what he aspires has revealed to him that he has become much more independent and much more in control of his life. His advice to others who may be in the same boat is to be honest with themselves and to be comfortable with what they would like to pursue. After all, everyone has their own path to follow and everyone discovers different things at different times. He revealed to me that he definitely does not regret anything he’s done thus far, and is happy to finally be going on this journey at this point in time.

The 24th of July was when Jordan’s life changing adventure officially began. It is exciting to see how he will evolve as a person, as this dreamer will finally start living his new life as a do-er. At the end of the day, everybody knows that there’s no place like home.

Author: luuuuis

Canadian living in Melbourne, Australia. Master of Media student at RMIT University. Multilingual. Enjoy music, presenting, and other forms of media.

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